Monday, March 12, 2012

Harry’s solo show in Buenos Aires

Last night Harry Waters did a solo gig in Buenos Aires with his band and several local musicians. Jon Joyce and Dave K had messaged me earlier in the week to say they would see them there and that Dave would be performing.
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Kami and I arrived at the venue around 7 P.M. intending to get a drink at the bar and chat with friends. The tickets slated the start for 8:30, but when we arrived at the venue, we found the doors wouldn't open till 8 P.M., and there was no bar! We found a coffee place around the corner and sat and had a cup of tea each. 10 minutes after we sat down, Kami spotted Georg and Martin out of the window across the street. They were going to join us, but they hadn't eaten and were looking for place they could get a meal before the gig.
We headed back to the venue around 7:30 and met up with Marcelo and his wife. 5 minutes later Elzira arrived followed by Georg and Martin. They opened the doors around 7:50 and we went to find our seats, which were 3rd row on the isle just in front of Harry. Kami and I headed downstairs to the dressing rooms and had a drink in catering and a chat with Harry and Marky before heading back up stairs to see Jon, Pat, G.E. and Kip who were in the foyer. 
A friend of ours, Dave from the crew, was in the foyer. He’s the guy that does the air drumming with Graham--he’s also the person that holds the flag on the left podium of the stage, walks pink onstage at the beginning of the show, and pushes him off the top of the wall before The Trial! he was there with another friend of mine, Michael. They had front row centre seats, but wanted to see the show from the balcony, so they offered us their tickets. Cheers Dave--really appreciated that!
At around 8:45 a local support band came onstage who would later join Harry and his band for a few numbers. Harry and his band went onstage around 9:15 and played for a good couple of hours non-stop. It's pretty much a jazz set that Harry does, and even though I'm not the biggest fan of jazz music, the quality of the musicians was amazing--not only Harry's playing, but also the guy on the double bass (he calls his bass Rachel!) skill and passion were unbelievable. He was so into the music as he played. Later on in the set, Harry was joined by Dave (Kilminster) and the two of them plus the bass player and drummer from Harry's band jammed for about 15 minutes. A lot of people in the audience were fans who were attending The Wall shows and obviously knew of Harry and Dave. Dave kept playing a few licks and riffs to Comfy Numb and Another Brick in with the other melodies he was playing. The crowd obviously recognized these clips and cheered as he kept playing them.

One thing I haven't mentioned is how humid it was inside the venue. Being from the UK, we very rarely get humidity and I was hoping the venue would be air conditioned, but it wasn't. It must be so hard to play when it's so humid--something Dave mentioned later on when we were talking to him after the show. If you've never seen Dave play outside of Roger's shows, then it is a MUST see. As good as he is playing the music he does for Roger, he is hundreds of times better playing his own music and other guitar work. If you get chance, then go along and see him play sometime when he’s touring on his own! He also has an excellent album out called Scarlet. You can buy the newly released “directors cut” of the album on iTunes and various other sites, and I highly recommend picking a copy up.
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After Dave left the stage, Harry was joined at first by Kip Lennon, who sang vocals on a track with the band, and then Harry was joined by Marky Lennon, who did vocals on another track. Both these guys have fantastic voices, and again, it's worth checking out some of their vocals on material they write and sing for their group, Venice. Robbie was also due to sing on a track, however, due to a communication problem this didn't happen.
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Kami and I made our way back down to the dressing rooms after the show and hung out with Dave for half an hour. The promoter of the show had arranged for the guys to do a signing session upstairs in the foyer. We walked up with Dave and Harry and most of the other members of the band were there already. The audience were outside and were being let in a few at a time to get things signed and have pictures taken. Kami and I saw Robbie for the first time tonight, too, and he was so pleased to see us both. His wife, Victoria, whom Kami and I are friends with, is coming out for the last few shows here, and Kami and I are so looking forward to seeing you, Victoria, and seeing the shows together again!
Robbie and Georg                                     Kami and the double bass player
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Few pictures that Marcelo took from last night:
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As everyone started to drift away, we said our goodbyes and Georg, Martin, Marcelo, his wife, Elzira, Kami and I headed to find a bar for a drink before heading off home. We walked for 15 minutes to the Irish bar, but that was closed. Another bar next to it was closing up, too, and just as we were about to grab a taxi back, we saw the lighted doorway of a bar with a guy stood outside the door. As we headed over to the bar, he opened the door for us, all happy and excited and ushered us in. The second we walked in, I looked  to my left and there was a huge, long sofa with about 8 or 9 “good looking” girls all sat on it. As soon as they saw us they all sat up straight, smiled, and made themselves look pretty. I looked at the bar, and there were 3 or 4 guys sat there each with some “good looking” girls next to them. I knew EXACTLY what sort of bar we had walked into and turned around and said, "It's not for us, everyone come on lets go, we can't stay here!" Marcelo and George looked at me confused. Everyone followed me back out, and outside on the street Marcelo and Georg said the bar was fine and started to head back in. Elzira also chimed in "Why not have a drink there?" "Ok...” I said and followed them in. It was only when we all went in the second time and we were stood at the bar that Marcelo and Georg looked around and then realised why I said it wasn't the kind of bar we wanted! George wanted a beer, and I suggested he asked how much they were before he bought one. $10 for a beer replied the barman. After a few "um's" and "ahh’s" the others agreed it was best if we left, and we once again we headed out of the door! Its a shame you didn't come for that drink with us, Dave (Kilminster)! See the sort of fun you miss out on?
After another 5 minutes, we found a bar that we felt at ease in and sat and had a couple of beers before Kami and I took a taxi back to our apartment. I haven't heard from Georg or Martin since--the last I heard, they were going to celebrate Martin's last night in Buenos Aires by going back out to the first bar just to see what the $10 beers taste like!
Martin and Georg smiling after seeing the 1st bar!
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  1. Hi!!! i´m the bass player of Harry Waters Band, thanks for your lovely post!! i hope someday we meet again, thanks. Peace and love!

  2. Hi!!! i´m the bass player of Harry Waters Band, thanks for your lovely post!! i hope someday we meet again, thanks. Peace and love!

  3. Hi!! i´m the bassist of the Harry Waters Band, my name is Federico Palmolella, i´m realy glad for you lovley words!, Thanks!! i hope we´ll see you soon again!. Love and peace.