Friday, March 16, 2012

Show 6

Great show last night--was nice to see friends and meet their friends, too. It was also nice to talk to and see the reaction of someone who saw the show for the first time! Angelica from Chile hadn't seen the show yet, even though her boyfriend from Argentina, Christian, was on his 5th show. (I think.) We met up with Elzira at the show, but Marcelo, Christian and Angelica wandered past us before the show as Kami and I were sat getting a bite to eat in a street cafe.
Pre show Angelica and Christian                      Marcelo, Elzira, Kami, Christian and Angelica
P1040292 (Large) P1040290 (Large)
Waiting in anticipation                                      During the show
P1040296 (Large)  P1040305 (Large) 
Will add a few more things later on about the show.
You can see in the pictures below how the wall “bricks” are constructed at the ends of the wall. It's just a facade with brick fronts fixed on. A few of the fronts had to be replaced after the rain warped them at the earlier show.
P1040286 (Large)  P1040287 (Large)  P1040288 (Large)  
You can see the warping on the front brick panels on this picture taken by creative director Sean Evans:
Before the show Kami and I went to look around the “Wall Mania” museum next door to the venue. It was okay--nothing real special. It was full of artwork which were different artists' interpretations of elements from the show, the original artwork, and the movie. We watched a cool film in the exhibition that showed the making of all the murals around BA that people have been doing to celebrate the arrival of the wall shows, one of which we passed on our way to the show and can be seen below.
P1040276 (Large) P1040277 (Large)  P1040278 (Large) 
The show was, once again, fantastic. The band were tight, the weather was great, and the crowd stood a bit more than they had at previous shows.

Dave's Another Brick solo:

P1040369 (Large) P1040364 (Large)

Disappearing bricks video below:
Full Album of pics below from show 6


  1. great pics si...what camera are you using these days at the show?

  2. Am using a Panasonic TZ5 at the moment, depending on where you are in the world its called a Panasonic ZS3 Kami has the TZ10 but i prefer the earlier model!

  3. thanks! I'm hoping the sony hx20 comes out before my next show. I like the canon s90 i have but need more zoom!

  4. The New Panasonic TZ30 thats due out this month has 20x optical or the olympus sz30 has the biggest optical zoom at 24x!

  5. I'm either looking at the sony or the new panasonic..either way, I need an upgrade! Safe travels!