Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ft Lauderdale, Friday, day 2…

After driving past the yachts on the water yesterday briefly with Kenny i decided to drive back there today and have a walk around and take a few pictures.

I headed out down Las Olas and parked the car in one of the side streets. The streets full of nice restaurants, street art, bars and really nice cars! it wasn't as busy at 11 in the morning as it was last night, in fact it wasn't busy at all, it was real quiet but i had a walk around for an hour and took a few pics.

Always wanted a 32 Ford, one day i will       Street elephant                                         Cupcake benches

P1060078 (Large)  P1060175 (Large)  P1060168 (Large) 

Cool columns                                             We know what he/she looks at all day!       One of the many outdoor restaurant

P1060179 (Large)  P1060177 (Large)  P1060166 (Large)

I walked back towards the car and kept walking for about 2 miles down the street, i then got to the area I’d come to see, the yachts! I’ve seen a few marinas and walked all around Marina Del Ray said to be the biggest marina in the world but ive never seen yachts and boats like i saw today. What made it even more amazing is that these are not moored in any marina but tied up at the bottom of peoples homes! Just like you or i would park our car on the driveway these are parked at the bottom of their “yards”

P1060117 (Large)  P1060104 (Large)  P1060111 (Large)

P1060103 (Large)  P1060095 (Large)  P1060097 (Large)

It seemed the bigger the house the bigger the yacht you had to have This was like keeping up with the neighbours but in what must be a very expensive way! The houses were also something else, HUGE mansions with what must be 10 plus bedrrooms, i cant even imagine what they looked like inside as the outsides of some of them looked amazing.

There was one boat that we passed last night that Kenny pointed out to me was in one of the James Bond films! It looked unreal, totally black and looked real “stealthy” even the pictures don't show just how big and sleek it looked in real life.

P1060114 (Large)  P1060113 (Large)  P1060115 (Large)

I walked around for nearly two hours looking at al the house, i dread to think the cost of some of these places, and to even just keep one of these yachts on the water each day much cost thousands! I drove across across one of the many drawbridges and parked up in the same parking lot we had parked in last night. I then walked back over the bridge to take a few shots from the top.

P1060135 (Large)  P1060131 (Large)  P1060132 (Large)

I cant even afford one of these for the day!    This guy was just wondering around            Looks like a canoe in comparison to above

P1060136 (Large)  P1060106 (Large)  P1060133 (Large)

I headed over towards the beach and got a frozen alcoholic lemonade from Fat Tuesday, sat on the veranda and watched the beach life for half an hour, i was kicking myself for not putting my swim shorts on as i love the ocean and it looked ever so inviting.

Frozen drinks                                    Mine!             My view while drinking it                       Greta way of advertising your bar!

P1060151 (Large) P1060152 (Large) P1060153 (Large) P1060155 (Large)

Panorama video of the beach view below.

Around 3pm i headed back over to my hotel and chilled out for half an hour before driving to the Bahama Breeze restaurant to meet up with my friend Ralph for dinner before the show. We had had a pre show meet up in the same place in 2010 but there was a good 10 or 12 of us then, today was just the two of us.

My friend Brett, yes i said BRETT! (i know you like seeing your name on my blog) was driving down from Tampa and was headed over to the venue around 7pm. Ralph and i had dinner, caught up on life in general and then headed over to the venue to meet up there.


Full album of pics here:


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