Sunday, June 17, 2012

Orlando show, 16th June…..

Beautiful new venue only opened earlier this year i believe (click image for larger pic).

Orlando panorama 2 small

Show was great, crowd were good but had trouble standing up for more than 10 minutes at a time!!, myself, Ralph and his brother Mark were front row right in front of Dave and Snowy. Kipp left the stage at the beginning of Run Like Hell, not sure if he was ill or just needed to pee but he returned 5 minutes later, hope he’s ok! Strange noise from Grahams cymbals of all things at the end of In The Flesh. Like the new opening to Empty Spaces, not real different but a small thing, see video below.

Dave was especially great on Another Brick tonight! Video below:

They've change the video projections for the last few bricks part of the show, again see below, they've kind of amalgamated all the three things that used to be played on the wall separately.

Great clip below too of Roger peeping out looking both ways out of the last brick opening.

All in all was a great show, couple of small changes and a great performance, crowd cheering went on for a while before Roger managed to speak at the end, all the band were loving the applause.



Full album of pictures form the front row below:


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