Monday, July 16, 2012

North Carolina to Virginia..

After getting to the hotel just north of Raleigh around 3am Kami and i crashed for a few hours and left the next morning at 9am. Kami’s Grandpa and brother had been driving up to DC the day before and actually stayed in Raleigh the same night as us however we didn't meet up with them but they must have been following us no more than 15 minutes as when we arrived home around noon, they arrived 15 minutes later.

It had been Kami’s grandpa’s, (Al) 91st birthday a week before so tonight we were all going out to a nice restaurant in downtown DC that we’d all eaten at a few times before to celebrate his birthday. Mark, Beth, Kami, Myself, Al, Eric (Marks brother), and his two friends who had come up April and Danny “Goose” this was his call sign while in the air force which is where Eric knew him from. My good friend Frank for Tucson had also flown in for the DC show tomorrow and joined us all for dinner.

Eric, Al and Mark                                       Frank and Beth                                        April and Danny

P1080099 (Large)  P1080119 (Large)  P1080113 (Large)

Kami and I                                                 Al blowing hid candle out                           Al’s cake

P1080114 (Large)  P1080118 (Large)  P1080117 (Large) 

P1080122 (Large)

We had a fantastic meal out and in great company.We all headed back home around 11, Kami and i dropped April and Danny back at their hotel as they were staying only a few miles from the house. Was really great to meet you both and hope to see you again sometime!


  1. Nice Post Simon... I'm trying to figure out how to light my kids next birthday candle with a flaming stutka on a string..

  2. Hello Simon, a meeting in Quebec...

  3. Hello Simon a meeting in Quebec..