Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quebec wall construction....

As much as I'd love what Roger said to be true and there be an 800 foot wall in Quebec, after seeing the picture below of the ongoing construction, i'm wondering if its actually going to be the "normal" stadium sized wall with the ends done as below ? Similar to what they did in a few football stadiums in Europe last year where they made 50 feet or so of the Wall at the ends out of plywood and then painted it! Guess we'll find out this weekend!

Details of entry points:

                   Thanks to Dave K for the pic below.


  1. Yeah seen some other pictures for the setup and I think you are right, to me it looks like the normal stadium size wall with the playwood ends.


  2. This last week people have had the opportunity to spray paint their own graffiti onto bricks that will cover the extensions on both sides.

  3. but what is the large offcenter flat setup in the foreground of pic 2 that seems bigger than the stage?

    1. i was wondering if they had changed the area where the wheelchairs were going to go, or maybe seats for some guests and VIP's

    2. I think this is the VIP zone from the Summer Festival that ended on sunday being dismounted...

  4. Great post - I will be a bit disappointed if the show isn't larger in scale: the comparisons to Berlin really led to quite a bit of speculation on how epic this would be. I do look forward to the show and Quebec City - but I hope I don't feel as I did in London: I spent months looking forward to (a) the London shows being filmed and (b) hoping the catch the Gilmour night. Two strikes for us - we missed the Gilmour night and only realized they had rescheduled filming to Athens once we got there. Let's hope Quebec City is extra special (all the shows are special in one way or another - but Quebec was supposed to really be something!).