Friday, September 06, 2013

Day two of two exhausting days..

So we hadnt moved on the train for the last 30 minutes, i went to find the hector and asked hi what the problem was, “engine, problem” he said, ugh that's all i needed.

Workman and his bread roll!                       My sleeper train! (not really)                          

P1030221 (Large)  P1030226 (Large)  P1030219 (Large)

TWO HOURS later we start to move! the second we started moving i started to try work out if i would make my 11:10 connection, it was close, i would have ten minutes to spare to get form one platform, find out what platform the connecting train was going from and then getting over to the train.

Just for the fun of it i looked on Easyjets website at flights from Budapest to Berlin, they weren't too bad and the flight time was good, however i really wanted to make the train and see the rest of the country as we were travelling through Hungary and Germany. We rolled into Budapest at 11:08 exactly, i was one of the first off the train but unfortunately the carriage i was in was at the far end of the platform, by the time i got to the timetable board it was 11:14, i looked up at the board and the 11:10 to Berlin had left 4 minutes ago! ugh!

I went to the ticket office and asked about the sleeper car for the 8pm train that would get me into Berlin at 7am. The sleeper was sold out and you have to have a compulsory reservation for the overnight trains and the thought of spending another night in a cabin on a train with 5 6 or even 7 other people in the room didn't appeal to me at all. I headed over to Burger King, logged on to their free Wi-Fi and looked at the Easyjet flight. It was now nearly noon and the flight to Berlin left Budapest at 5:30pm, arrived at 6:30 and I'd be in the hotel for 8, perfect!.

Train timetable in Budapest, must have known Kamilla was coming next day!

P1030244 (Large) P1030246 (Large)

I booked the flight online but then found out you couldn't get the boarding pass to your phone, you HAD to pint it out!! I then logged off and found an internet cafe, logged in to my e mail, paid 50 cents to print the page, paid 50 cents for 3 minutes use on the internet and then went outside and took a taxi to the airport!

I got to the airport, found a bar, sat down and just started to breath! where had the last several hours gone ? it all seemed such a blur.

Flight left exactly on time, i arrived in Berlin around 6:45pm took the train straight into Berlin and then a taxi to my hotel, i was in the hotel for 8:15 and the sort hotel bed has never looked so good! i remember my head hitting the pillow and the next thing i know it was morning.I had this hotel booked for two nights before Kami and family arrived and would then be moving over to their hotel for 4 more nights in Berlin.


The next day consisted of me walking to the post office for a cardboard box! I had to bring my suit and smart shoes with me for Rainer's wedding last week and rather than carry them around all over Germany for the next 3 weeks i out them into a box and mailed them back home! this made space in my suitcase and lightened the load a little. I also need to do some laundry, I looked on Google around where my hotel was and found a place not too far away, i dropped if off at 10am and was told it would  be done for 1pm. I didn't do a lot the rest of the day and night, i chilled out at the hotel, watched a couple of films on my laptop and had an early night ready for checking out in the morning and meeting up with Kami and family at the other hotel when they arrived around 2pm.

Few more pics below:


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