Friday, September 17, 2010

The first two gigs…..

I haven't written a review about either of the two shows yet, to be honest after the first show i was totally speechless and lost for words!! i didn't even know where on earth to begin. Then lasts nights show being even better than the first blew me away even more!!

Its obvious from watching two shows so far that this show WILL change as the tour goes along, Rogers known for this and even last night there were a few differences in the production of it.

The first night Michael and i spotted a homeless guy with a shopping cart in the venue, a security guy was following him and ushering him out of the venue,or at least we thought he was!! I don't really want to give any spoilers away on here yet.

DSCF2133 (Large)

I will probably start typing a few reviews after seeing the three Chicago shows and being able to get my head round the whole production! i will say this though, if you haven't got a ticket and you miss this show then your missing THE best show of your life, i have never seen anything like it in my life and even though I'm seeing this show 52 times i knew from the second i saw the first one i wasn't going to get bored once during the tour and I'm going to be seeing different things in the production every night!! The amount of work Roger has put into this show is incredible, he has thought of every little thing and it all just works so well!!

DSCF2155 (Large)

Bob and Eryn after their front row experience on the opening night!:

DSCF2154 (Large)

Me and Andy’s wife Sheila  after the opening night show:

DSCF2158 (Large)


A few of us at the bar after the opening show:

DSCF2160 (Large)


  1. It was a blast!!!!

  2. Awe, come on, Dad!
    Who's that homeless dude?

  3. I must agree Si. The production value of the 1st two Wall Live shows is incredible. Just resting up now for the last show in Toronto. May make to 1 night in Montreal.

    It's been great seeing old and Floydian Friends.


  4. And to think that, at the time, I considered that you might be exagerating ¡