Friday, September 17, 2010


Didn't do much yesterday during the day, woke around 9am and it was pissing down with rain. I went for a drive around Toronto for a couple of hours and drove the road that follows the lake for 30 miles or so. I packed my cases into the car when i got back and drove downtown to park up as i would be driving to Gravenhurst (about 150 miles north of Toronto) for a couple of nights straight after the show.
Met up with everyone at Casey's bar around 5:30 and we all had a good chat, met a few new people and everyone else who was there the night before. My friend Zo went to the arena around 3pm to catch Roger going in for sound check ,30 minutes after he got there Roger arrived and signed his Wall album cover for him! he was pretty pleased. My good friend Joe arrived at Casey's and handed me a little envelope that he wanted me to have, in it was a small card thanking me for running the Roger Waters message board for all the years and a little something to help keep it going. I cant thank you enough Joe, your a great friend and that little note on the card meant a lot to me, cheers.

After the show i ran straight out to the parking lot and set off in the car, i was on the road within 5 mins of the shows ending and beat all the traffic leaving the venue. The 2 hour drive up to Gravenhurst went ok although i was pretty tired when i got within 10 miles of my hotel and my head started nodding at the wheel, not a god thing! I had been warned by JP to look out for Moose on the road, i didn't see a thing on the drive up and I'm sure he was just trying to scare me a little. I arrived at the hotel around 12:30am and crashed into bed within minutes of arriving, i woke around 7 this morning so the jetlags getting a bit better, hopefully by early next week I'll be on North American time.

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  1. The Moose might of thought Jensie was in the motor! J/k