Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday part 1……….

I mentioned a little 2 posts below about where i am but I'll add a bit more here. I woke around 8am and looked out of the window. I had no idea what to expect as it was pitch black when i arrived and all i could tell was my hotel room overlooked lake Muskoka. i certainly didn't expect such a nice view as what i saw! Everyone had been telling me how nice it was up here and that I'd love it, i had no idea it would be this nice though.
The mist on the lake as the sun rose this morning  and my hotel room from the pier on the lake (click pics for larger images)
DSCF2185 (Large) P1130549 (Large)
Its just out of the holiday season up here now and most places are closing up for the winter, its VERY quiet and the boat rental stores are all closed as it would have been nice to have rented a little boat and gone out on the lake. My friend Gail and Bobs mum had told me about the tourist steam boat that goes out on Lake Muskoka and i should do that. I picked a timetable up in reception after having breakfast this morning and booked the 2 hour trip due to leave at 2:15pm.
 P1130565 (Large)
I took the car and drove around for an hour this morning, drove up to Muskoka Beach and then just a few other scenic roads, i kept stopping to take some pictures and made a couple of panorama shots out of several pictures stitched together below (click the images for larger size):
panorama 1
panorama 2
panorama 3
As i was driving round, i realised there were a lot of the Adirondack type chairs, i have two of them at home that i use in the summer and funnily enough i actually bought them in Canada and had them shipped over to the UK. Laurens mum mentioned earlier in the year that she was looking for a couple of chairs for their garden and commented on how comfy ours were. As i was driving through the town of Gravenhurst i spotted a store that had one outside, i called in to enquire about them and might actually buy Karen & Mike a couple for their garden and bring them back with me! i took a picture of one just to make sure it was ok.
Karen, not sure if you want them natural or painted  ?(i am of course joking, just incase like Lauren you thought i was really going to bring 2 of the ones in the picture back!!) Click thumbnail for larger image:


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