Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jens and the homeless guy….

So 15 minutes before the show starts there's a homeless guy with a shopping cart wandering around the floor with a security guy moving him on. At the first show in Toronto myself and Michael though tthe guy had somehow got in the venue and was being ushered out. It soon became clear that this was all part of the pre show entertainment! only Roger could think of something like this! The guy comes out around 8pm at every show, same guy, same cart but different sign on his placard. Jens had his picture taken with the guy on the first night and tipped him $1, he has a cup to collect the money in which Jens later found out is all going to charity!
The guy now recognises Jens and has a laugh and a joke with him at every show, Jens tips him every time and even got to pose with his cart!
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