Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Pittsburgh show…

We all agreed that to say this is a new venue the organisation sucked! it had the longest 15 minute line for Will Call, getting onto the floor was a complete nightmare as the place to get to the floor and the place to get to the first level seats was the same!! The bathrooms sucked and there were no where near enough of them! Its only been open three weeks and hosted 3 shows so far. You would have thought someone would have put some thought into designing  a venue and looked at the problems that other venues have (or don't have compared to this!)
Maria and i were front row right, Jens was second row centre and Joe and Lars were somewhere in the middle. The venue inside was just like any other venue to be honest. The stage looked a little wider due to the width of the venue and I'm pretty sure the wall was a touch wider too.
DSCF2730 (Large)  DSCF2742 (Large)   DSCF2757 (Large)
There were a couple of mistakes early on in the show, the plane coming down into the wall was late and |Roger missed a couple of lines on Don't Leave Me Now. one thing that was noticeably good was the sound! it was incredible, probably the best of any of the shows so far!
As much as i love leaning on the rail for the show i do think its a bit too near to really enjoy the show, in fact the constant looking up and projections being so close gave me a headache! Its nice on the rail once every few shows and to see the bands faces etc but i really feel the ideal place is about 2oth row either right left or centre on the floor or about half way back on the first level around the floor.
DSCF2768 (Large)  DSCF2791 (Large)
I wasn't at the 4th Chicago show but the others had said the wall falling was the best yet and nearly all of it fell forward into the audience! Security came round half way through the second half just asking those people on the rail to move back and take a seat as the wall was about to come down. It did, but it wasn't as bad as they were expecting.
First brick starts to tumble:
DSCF2801 (Large)  IMG_6056 (Large)  IMG_6048 (Large)

It was nice to see Dave K and Harry (both who pointed and acknowledged us)and it was nice to see the band playing Outside The Wall real close up.

DSCF2802 (Large)    DSCF2803 (Large)  DSCF2804 (Large)  
After the show we headed over to the Marriot hotel and met up with Michael and Suzanne and all the superlatives were used yet again!
Suzanne & Michael after the show    Lars, Maria and Jens after the show   Joe and I
DSCF2806 (Large)  DSCF2808 (Large) IMG_6071 (Large)

More pics from the gig (thanks to Jens for some of these):


  1. I totally forgot about that Si at the 9/24 show , there were security guys going up and down the front rail for a bit pissing everyone off. It didn't do any good though, as soon as they were gone everyone was back up on it. Once the Wall came down I realized why they were trying to keep us back. It came down crashing into the rail. What a great feeling! I knew it was going to fall of course,just not like that.

  2. They were afraid people were going to rush the stage and grab the Pink Floyds!
    (Heh, old joke there.)
    Thanks for all the lovely photos m'dear!

    Julie :)