Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pittsburgh to Cleveland drive……

The weather was crappy today, rain cloud fog and cold! I put some laundry in at the hotel about 8am and had it all washed and dried by 9! Went for a bit of breakfast at the hotel and the set off to head up to Cleveland.

Venue from the hotel window on a wet and cold morning.

DSCF2810 (Large)

Jens, Maria, Lars and Thomas were driving up to see the Amish people in Millersburg, i was driving up to have lunch with Michael and Suzanne, about an hours drive north on the way to Cleveland.

The drive up took me about an hour and we went to a local country club near Michaels office for lunch, i had a great BLT sandwich and really enjoyed being able to have a chat without the noise of the meet up places that we had only had chance so far to chat in. I wanted to see Michaels kids as i hadn't seen them in a few years but it would be 4pm before they were out of school and i wanted to get up to Cleveland early in the afternoon to be able to chill out and use the gym and pool.

I got to the hotel around 3:30, pretty uneventful drive and the weather in Cleveland was just as bad (if not worse) as it was when i left Pittsburgh. Passed a few nice cars as i was driving up, only managed to get a shot of one though.

DSCF2812 (Large)    DSCF2814 (Large)   DSCF2816 (Large)

I’d had a couple of texts from Maria saying they had left Pittsburgh around 12 and were on there way to Millersburg, however at the moment they were lost! The GPS had lost signal, they had no maps and had no idea where they were. Maria said she was loving it and it made the trip even better.

I used the Gym in the hotel and did some cardio work for 45 minutes, then went and had a swim in the pool for half an hour. I hadn't run or done anything for the last 3 or 4 days and the food I'd been eating was totally the opposite of the type of food i usually eat at home. I more or less eat 100% low fat food and the stuff i had been eating the last week or so just wasn't agreeing with me at all. I felt so much better after a workout.

Maria called again to say they were lost for a second time and they were trying to find the Amish restaurant, they also decided to drive to Cleveland after their meal and stay at the hotel here. I got a rollaway bed delivered to the room and enquired about another room for Maria. They weren't sold out and there were plenty of rooms available.

They all arrived around 10pm and after checking in we sat at the bar till about 12:30, relaxed, ad a couple of drinks and headed straight to bed.

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  1. I am about an hour south of Amish country. Although the health wouldn't allow me out, I could have given them a phone update on where to visit and what to avoid. That is where Kim and I go for a night away when things get stressful...