Saturday, October 09, 2010


Great couple of days in Buffalo, will write it all up for the blog when i can. Best show of the tour last night for me!!
Was great to see Dave K for a while during intermission, also great to meet up with Bob & Andy from Toronto, Dawn, Tony, Keith (and friend) from Rochester, Jeff from Detroit (looking forward to the BBQ at your place in Detroit!) and of course Chris and his dad.  Also hi to the guy that recognised me from my blog and came over and said hi! sorry i cant remember your name.
Driving from Buffalo to Washington DC today, 550 miles, about 10 hours drive!


  1. Torture me with the Buffalo show.....Grrrrr....
    C u soon..:-)

  2. Here's hoping you don't get stuck on the Beltway, dear, it's brutal!

    Julie :)