Saturday, October 02, 2010

Boston 2nd show (spoilers pics and videos)…….

Another great show last night, i was on the front row left hand side for the duration of the show. The sound was so loud you could feel the air pressure around your face changing with the bass!
Its funny, when your on the rail watching the show there's so much to watch that's going on that you just don't see any mistakes at all! i didn't spot one last night although I'm sure there must have  been a couple of technical glitches somewhere.
Roger has taken to holding the mic out for the audience to sing the line “ thirteen channels of shit on the TV to choose from” during nobody home. He did this a few nights ago for the first time and the audience tonight (and yesterday) sang it real well.
Boston crowd last night:
boston panorama

Re the end of Another Brick that i talked about yesterday with the subway train, Jean Charles was shot in London by seven shots, i was sure Roger would have done seven shots on the sound and images that he was putting up however he hasn't, i counted about 10 last night, this is something i thought Roger would have picked up on!.
Image below that appears after the tube train projections:
DSCF2946 (Large)  DSCF2920 (Large)
Apparently Roger was a bit under the weather the night before, not something i noticed or I'm sure anyone else either but tonight he was feeling a lot better and he was very animated yet again onstage. Telling the audience to enjoy themselves, skipping up the steps at the side of the stage and smiling to the front of the crowd whenever he walked past them.
Roger and the kids:
I'm still not sure i am into G E Smith and his okaying style and sound, he’s just not Andy Fairweather Low and i just feel Andy is missed a lot more than i expected but that's just my opinion.
DSCF3009 (Large)  DSCF2993 (Large)   DSCF2998 (Large)
There were a few problems building the wall the night before, they were struggling to get some bricks in their slots, tonight went pretty much to plan apart from the last half a dozen bricks and they had to remove some to fit the others in. Some of the bricks are looking a bit rough around the edges now and I'm sure they must be going to replace some of them soon.

The pig was nearly sent to slaughter tonight! for whatever reason it kinda sank down onto the floor and  went into the crowd, the audience were all over it! security were quick to go save it and lead it back over the wall to safety!!
For whatever reason my favourite half is the second, i think its because the band are onstage a lot more and are visible and your not having to look one way or another to see them through the gaps in the bricks. The second set is certainly a lot more powerful. especially as they do seam to turn the volume up a bit.
DSCF3017 (Large) DSCF3079 (Large) DSCF3118 (Large)
Rogers getting into the “Machine Gun” actions now much to the amusement of Snowy and the rest of the band, its great to watch the bands faces when Roger does does stuff. Watch Dave K’s face at the beginning of Run Like Hell, you can tell he really enjoys playing that track!
DSCF3125 (Large) DSCF3132 (Large) DSCF3191 (Large)
There's a great part where Roger turns with his back to the audience and raises his arms while the amps and drum kit rise out of the stage floor before the musicians all come onstage.
As i said in an earlier post, i like the bit where Roger ducks down under the animation, i managed to catch this last night:
Highlight of the night those was most defiantly the wall coming down. Some nights they send some of the rows of bricks back towards the rear of the stage and some to wards the front of the stage. 90% of it came down towards the front tonight and not only that but it came down in two huge sections. The top three rows fell towards the crowd tonight and it was like watching it all happen in slow motion. The three rows just got nearer and nearer and NEARER, as the bricks fell what must have been no more than 3 inches away from the front row you could feel the wind that the rows falling created as it rushed over your face! Then the second section of what must have been 4 rows fell exactly the same but closer! had Maria and i not stepped back at the last minute then id probably have a broken nose and facial injuries from the edges of the bricks hitting me straight in the face! It was fantastic! Maria and i looked at each other with mouths open wide and in sheer awe of what had just happened.
Dave threw a guitar pic out for Maria as the band left the stage and it bounced off us and landed under the bricks on the floor, Dave looked SO upset! As the security were clearing the bricks i had a word with him and he picked it up off the floor and handed it to Maria, i sent Dave a text  on our way out to let him know she got it and he was so pleased!
DSCF3223 (Large) DSCF3214 (Large) DSCF3227 (Large) DSCF3215 (Large)
So we have a day off from the shows today, its 12 noon and were all still in bed! nothing planned for during the day but were all going to the North End tonight to relax and have some nice Italian food at one of the many restaurants over there.

Album of pictures from the show:


  1. Sounds fun!!

    Dinner tip: Eat at Giancomo's ... tiny .. but worth the wait (or go right at 5 and avoid the line outside).

  2. Did he give the thumbs up for ' 13 channels of shit on the tv ' by the audience like he did in Toronto? Just wondering?


  3. Si you described the front row feeling so well when the Wall crashes down! All you can think of is "DO IT AGAIN!" Looks like you were in the same spot we were standing at for Boston 07 love that venue! c'mon Nov hurry up.

  4. Thanks for all the great photos!! Especially of Snowy...I love him.

    Julie :)