Saturday, October 02, 2010

Lars, Philippe, Thomas, Maria and Jens….

So tomorrow were down to two! Lars, Jens and Thomas fly back to Copenhagen at 9:30pm, just as the second half of the show will be starting.Their last show in the USA was last night and everyone agreed it was one hell of a show to go home on! I fly down to New York on Monday morning and Maria is also flying down for her last couple of shows for a while.
I've met Philippe and Lars several times since 2002 and 2006, we've seen several shows together and always had fun times, this last week or so  hasn't been any different.
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Toronto was the first time I'd met Jens's friend Thomas and what a fantastic guy he is, were all like one big family when were touring around and he fitted right on in there! he’s actually been asking and wondering  exactly how to get into “the family” and I've said he's always been in it right from the start, if your a fan of Rogers music then your in! However, he’s got into the “inner circle“ of friends and has been a fantastic guy to hang out with. From meeting him that first time its been like we’ve known each other for years! (This is something that's said between a lot of us all the time and I'm sure a lot of you know what i mean)
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Maria, wow now here's a story!! I was at the Montreal show in 2006/2007 and sat to the side of the floor but near the stage. At the end of the show i saw someone hand up a Wall album cover to Roger onstage, he signed it and handed it back!  12 months later i was surfing around online and i saw a picture of Maria and her profile picture was a picture of her in front of the stage holding the above said album cover!  A couple of my friends had filmed the show and i had a copy of the DVD and Maria was clearly visible on the recording, i e mailed her and sent her a copy of the show. We kept in touch and then in 2008 Maria flew down to Dallas and met up with myself, Kim and Gina in Dallas and then came down to the Houston show with us! We kept in touch since then every couple of months. Then a while after the tour was announced Maria e mailed me to say she was thinking of doing the whole tour! i e mailed back and told her to look at costs, logistics etc etc she then decided she would do Toronto and Chicago. Well she then met Jens, Thomas, Philippe and Lars and they all persuaded her to go to Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Boston! This is what happens when you hang around people like us! its an addiction! but seriously we can all give it up whenever we want:) Honestly, we can.
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Jens and i met in 2000 at Gilmour's meltdown show, we've travelled the world together over the last 10 years seeing shows, drinking, shagging plastic animals and all the other type of things that Jens gets up to! He is the most genuine guy you could ever wish to meet, he would do anything for you and i for him (well within reason!,lol) We always have a lot of fun pre and post show and i know these meet ups are definitely as much fun for Jens as they are for me!
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Its been great travelling around, sharing hotel rooms, drinking and having fun together  (not so great having to put up with the snoring!) the last couple of weeks.
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I just wanted to say thank you guys for making the trip over and for been such good friends you guys are the best and hope to see you in 2011.
This is just for you Lars!!
Lars snoring


  1. Fandom friends are the best kind of friends! That's really sweet, it's just as much fun to read about the people as what brings you together.
    Make sure you give Nat a hug for me when you see her in NYC!
    Julie :)

  2. It was nice meeting all of you. Hope you have a safe trip back

  3. I love this... sounds like so much fun....

  4. LOL ... Poor Lars!! Loved it!!

    Thank you so much for writing about such wonderful people. I am honored to have so many new friends because of your adventure and travels, Si. Thomas, Jens and their group make great travel companions.

    I met Maria online and we became friends in Dallas, as you mentioned, and her, Kim and I have the famous 'butt shot' picture you took of us @ the pool!! Talk about a quick bonding ... wasn't Dallas a whirlwind of an adventure?? I'm so happy to have met Maria and I hope your travels to NY are wonderful and that we see her here again soon. (Come to California ....)!!