Monday, October 11, 2010

Buffalo to DC…..

Well its to West Virginia really not DC.

Sorry this is a bit backwards but I'll fill in the 2 days before this day later on. Lots to type and not enough time.

Kami and i left the hotel in Buffalo around 10am, we filled up with gas and were on the road for 10:15. Bob and Chris’s dad had said the best way to go was from Buffalo to Pittsburgh and then down to DC. There was a shorter route but this took you on mostly two lane roads and through the country. We just wanted to get there without any stops and as soon as possible really.

The drive was pretty non eventful, my rental car didn't have cruise control which was a bit of a pain when you hit a road and it says on the tom-tom, “ stay on this road for 167 miles” threes very little on the road and my foots gotta keep on the pedals.

We didn't stop till we hit Pittsburgh, about four and a half hours into the drive. Had my first Taco bell of the trip! I hate fast food but Taco Bell is different,lol from stopping to getting back on the road it took us about thirty minutes, we then had another three and  a half hours left till we got to DC. The scenery on the second part of the drive was really beautiful, a lot of the leaves are changing colours now and unlike the UK where most of the trees are just plain green, the ones here change to purple, yellow and the most amazing colours of orange and reds!

DSCF3485 (Large)   DSCF3482 (Large)

We hit a bit of traffic about 30 miles outside of DC, took us nearly an hour just to do the 3 miles. Mark & Beth called to say they were heading over to Kim's place as she had cooked dinner for us all (yay tacos!) and that we should go straight over there to meet them all. We got to Kim's place around 7pm, took us a total of eight and a half hours to do the drive! Kim's friend (and Kim's housemates boyfriend ) Kenny was there as was Kim's housemate Becca. Id met Kenny a few years ago at a Horror Convention that id been to in New Jersey with Kim, Kenny’s a great guy and we got on well in NJ. I remember him telling me about the Jet ski he had and promised that if i ever came back we’d try go out on it. The weather had been beautiful all day today and Kim and Kenny had been out on the Jet ski today and said if the weathers the same tomorrow we would go out on it!! I've never been on one and was looking forward to it already.

On the way down Kim had texted me to ask if i was up for going to the haunted forest to be chased by some guys with chainsaws! sure i said, if we get there on time and i don't feel too bad after the drive. I felt ok  actually, no where near as tired as i thought. I drove all the way down, ever though Kami could have driven i wasn't real tired and had decided just to keep driving.

Kim, Becca, Kami, Kenny and i headed over to Kenny's house to drop off the Jet ski and and would all go to the forest in Kenny truck. I was in heaven when i walked into Kenny's garage. Not only did he have a jet ski but a couple of nice bikes and a motorised cooler box that did 13 MPH!!

DSCF3507 (Large)  DSCF3500 (Large)  DSCF3502 (Large)

Kenny showed me round the house that he had been renovating, he’d had it for a couple of years and was now getting round to re modelling it, he does this for a living. He has the most amazing “beer wall” he’s been collecting the boxes for years and plans to eventually build a castle and send the pics in to Budweiser!!

Kenny's beer wall!

DSCF3503 (Large) 

We all headed out to the haunted forest in Kenny's truck, i thought my explorer back home was a nice truck but Kenny's Escalade was like a mobile living room with leather arm chairs and all,lol

We were about an hours drive away from the forest, Kim and Kenny had been for the last 6 years, Becca and Kami had never been so there were 3 pretty scared people in the truck! once we got out of the city we headed out into the countryside where there was pretty much nothing but fields and single lane roads.

Driving to the haunted forest was like a scene out of a horror flick, little did i know what was to come!

On the way to the forest                                     

DSCF3508 (Large)  

spooky road drive

We got to the forest around 10, drove through trees and dirt tracks and then got to a field full of parked cars, very little light apart from flashes, bangs and SCREAMS that could be heard in the forest.

We walked in and had to actually sign a waiver!!


Waiver saying we were happy to be frightened to death!     Kim looking excited, Becca looking scared!

DSCF3523 (Large)                         DSCF3525 (Large)


Id never been to anything like this in my life! and didn't even know things like this existed. There were people dressed up in zombie makeup who would just walk round inside and sneak up behind people and scare the crap outa then, it was great to watch it but no fun at all to have it happen to me! We all got a sticker with a number on as we walked in, we were all group 206, we had to wait till our number was called before we could enter the actual forest trail however there were stalls and things to do while waiting. A DJ was playing music, there were a couple of huge bonfires going,  an axe throwing stall and haunted bus and a zip line that was in the pitch dark and went down through the forest, it was insane!!

Fire guy


We bought some funnel cake and hot cider and sat around waiting for our number to be called, it was on 186 when we went in and they were getting through them pretty quick. There was also a haunted hay ride where a tractor takes a trailer full of people out into the pitch black woods and there's people in the woods dressed up to scare the hell out of you! it was about 11:30 when our number was called and we walked through into the woods. There were 2 trails and Kim asked which was the scariest, “number 2" we were told so we headed through door number 2 onto the trail,

Haunted hay ride                         Axe throwing stall                         Becca and Kim

DSCF3531 (Large)  DSCF3540 (Large)  DSCF3532 (Large)

Even the first 15 yards we were walking through a pitched black entrance to a little wooded hut type thing and there was some guy in there that scared the hell out of me dressed as a zombie! we had another half hours walk of this stuff!! Its kinda hard to explain what it is exactly but this is the website for the place Haunted forest website


Axe throwing

Axe throwing

It was a good 25 minute walk through the forest with killer clowns, zombies popping out of the ground but the best part was the guys with chain saws running round chasing people, it was insane. They had real chainsaws but with the chains removed and would chase you through the forest. You could feel the heat from the chainsaw engines as they ran after you as close as they could without them touching you!  I’ll be 100% honest here, i was screaming like a girl for most of the time!!! especially when i walked past a zombie laying in a bed and a hand from underneath the bed shot out and grabbed my leg! It was frightening but in a good way. Kim, Kami and Kenny took it all in their stride but Becca and i were screaming like crazy. At the end of the trail i was sweating like crazy and my heart was pounding like it was gonna come out of my chest!! i would do it again though in a heartbeat!!

By the time we left it was around Midnight and we got home around 1:30am. Just time for a ride on Beccas sons electric go cart down the street at 3am in the morning!!

Go carting at 3am


  1. I had no idea you loved stuff like this! Then again, you did recommend that Clive Barker movie a while back, so I should have guessed! I went to Spookyworld in New England last year, and will probably go again--nothing like being chased through the dark by Leatherface!

  2. Go-karting at 3am, now THAT is totally rock star (I bet Dave K won't do anything half as fun!)!! Glad you're getting to enjoy some Halloween-type stuff here, since that's our specialty.

    Julie :)

  3. Haha - I should have gone go-karting with you guys - Jessie was already asleep when I got home anyways, and I wasn't ready to go to bed after the haunted trail!