Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day in Virginia……..

So after Go Karting down the street and not getting to bed till 3am one would have thought i would have a lie in! not me, today was Jet skiing day!

Kim had called yesterday as Maki and I were driving down from Buffalo to say that her and Kenny had been out on the lake on the Jet ski as the weather was so nice and if it was the same tomorrow we would go out!

I opened the curtains at around 9am and the weather looked gorgeous, i was SO excited and couldn't wait to get out on the jet ski. Kim and i went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast around 10am. Kenny and Becca were still in bed and wanted a couple of more hours of sleep. I've never eaten at a cracker Barrel and that was another first for me! we looked around the store first as we had to wait 15 mins for a table. The stuff they sell in there is crazy! all the old toys you used to see when you were a kid and the candy section alone was huge. I hadn't seen half the candy that was there and told Kim i would defiantly have to find one in LA before i leave for back home as i didn't want to buy anything now and schlep it all over the USA for 2 months before coming home!

I had sourdough toast, scrambled egg, bacon and biscuits!(the American ones, like our scones but salty and without raisins)  Kim had similar but also had the apple soaked French toast, OMG it was amazing and melted in your mouth.


We headed back to the house and got there just as Kenny was getting the jet ski ready:)

DSCF3552 (Large) 

After getting to the river area we unloaded the Ski and Kim and i walked down to the beach area while Kenny parked the truck and rode the Ski round to the beach.

DSCF3553 (Large) DSCF3554 (Large) DSCF3558 (Large) DSCF3564 (Large)

I had never even sat on a ski let alone drive one and to be honest i wasn't expecting Kenny to let me drive it alone, how wrong i was!, there's the life vest, don't go fast before the poles in the water, there's the throttle, enjoy and off you go!!! i couldn't believe it!

As Kim and i were walking to the beach i had seen Kenny drive the ski out and as soon as he got the the posts in the water (the no wake zone) he opened it up and let it rip. OMG it was unreal! this things is basically an engine with a fibreglass cover on it and a seat!! its a 4 cylinder engine with a supercharger and puts out 225BHP and does over 70MPH on the water!!! that's more power than most cars in the UK!

Kenny on the ski

So, i took it easy getting out of the no wake zone and took it easy for the first couple of minutes just to get an idea of how the turning circle is and throttle and stuff, it was SO easy to drive! i couldn't believe how easy it was to turn!

Kenny giving me the low down                      My first time even sat on a ski!

DSCF3565 (Large)   DSCF3566 (Large)  

My first time out on a ski

After a couple of minutes i opened the throttle fully and went for it, the feeling was amazing and i could hardly keep my eyes focused on the Speedo as it went to thirty, then forty, then fifty and i then saw sixty! my arms were feeling it a little and my legs too, i could feel the ski taking off as i hit the small waves and felt it crashing down, in reality i bet it wasn't even lifting more than 3 or 4 inches but it felt like 3 or 4 feet!  i then saw sixty five and i backed the throttle right off just as i hit sixty eight. I just sat there for a few seconds, the adrenalin was rushing through my veins and i just felt so excited, it just felt so good!

I opened it up again and just held of for grim life, twenty, forty, sixty, SEVENTY!!!  again i backed off and just sat there, this was just so exhilarating i was loving every minute of it. I headed back to the beach and i cant even begin to imagine how big the smile on my face was when Kim and Kenny saw me!

Kim went out for a blast and then Kenny, it was crazy just how quick you disappeared from view, one minute he was in full view the next Kenny was just like a spec in the distance and all you could see was the water shooting up out of the back. He stopped for a while and Kim and i got a little worried, upon getting back ton shore we asked if everything was good and he said “yeh i just had to pee” lol hence going out in to the middle of now where.

Kenny knew how to ride it and knew the limits it would take, although he did say its virtually impossible to tip it over, Kim said he overheats it a few times with all the turns and blasts but only has to wait a minute or two for it to click back on.

Kenny on the Ski ripping it up.

Kim and i went out on it together with her driving and i just clung on for dear life! After me pointing which way to go we headed out and spotted a train going over the bridge over the river, we headed out to try race the train but there were too many reeds in the water which would have just clogged up the motor, something you have to watch out for. We pottered around about 30 miles an hour and then i just said to Kim, “go on open it up” i just grabbed hold tighter and i think we saw nearly 60mph with us both on. We tried jumping the wake that a boat had just left but weren't very successful.

DSCF3576 (Large)  DSCF3575 (Large)

We headed back to shore and i took it for another blast around and started to get a bit cocky, throwing it into corners and ripping it up a bit, i really enjoyed it and it has to be one of the best things I've ever done!

Kenny said anytime i was around we could go out on it and invited me back to also go on his dads yacht which from memory is over 60feet in length and a site to see! cant wait Kenny! see you next week,lol

We loaded the ski back on the trailer and headed back to the house to get ready for the show later on tonight.

Kenny and I                                           Kim in the truck                               Jet ski, Kenny and I

DSCF3586 (Large)  DSCF3585 (Large)  DSCF3588 (Large)

I took a shower and then headed over to Marks and Beth’s house (i was staying with Kim and Becca’s in Beccas sons bed, see below!)

My bedroom for a couple of nights! which was much appreciated

DSCF3609 (Large)  DSCF3610 (Large)

I took a shower and headed over to Mark and Beth's around 2:30. We left for the pre show meet up an hour or so later.  Mark, Beth and John in one car and Kami, Jessie and myself in the other, it was a 30 minute drive into DC and by the time we parked up and got to the restaurant it was 5pm.

Driving into Boston

DSCF3589 (Large)

The restaurant was a really nice place, a nice steak house that had an upstairs bar and a great bar tender. He made us up a couple of tables together as there were 10 or so of us expected. My friend Dennis from New Orleans was due in and id spoke to him earlier in the day to let him know where were were. I hadn't seen him since he came to London in 2002 and was looking forward to seeing him again.

Myself, Dennis and Mark                            Dennis and Kim

DSCF3592 (Large)  DSCF3594 (Large)

Dennis had got the jacket signed in Dublin in 2002 and had managed to save it from his house after his house was wrecked by hurricane Katrina! We ordered food and i had crab cakes with mashed potato which was so yummy. We also ordered some mixed appetizers that were HUGE!!

2 trays of appetizers

DSCF3590 (Large)

Kami, Jessie and i headed over to the venue around 6:30 and met up with everyone else as they arrived.

John, Jessie and Kami                     Kenny, Kim, Dennis, Becca, Beth 

DSCF3595 (Large)  DSCF3598 (Large)  DSCF3599 (Large)

Full album of jet skiing pics here:

Washington DC meet up pics:


  1. Dennis! Great to see that face again after so many years!!!!!

  2. The margaritas were fantastic at the District Chophouse.


  3. This should really be made into a book larger than your journal.


    The term Vicariously pops up from time to time however. ;-)