Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mount Vernon……

So again this is a bit behind and this entry should have been two days ago. Think I'm more or less up to date now though.

Kim and Becca went to work early, Kim woke me up about 7:30 just to say bye and see you in Columbus, I got up around 9:30, had a shower, packed my case and wrote a little in my blog for ten minutes. I then headed over to Mark and Beth's house to see what Kami was up to. It was my last day here and i wouldn't see Mark again until Europe next year but i would meet up with Beth in Omaha in a few weeks, Kim at the Columbus show and Kami at the Philly shows.

We didn't know until very late last night that Mark had actually got a brick from the DC show!! well not a full brick but half a brick. He saw some guy walking down the street with it and asked him if he could have a piece, the guy said sure, tore it in half and gave him one half!

Mark and his brick!                       Posing with the brick, Kami, Mark, Beth and I

DSCF3612 (Large)   DSCF3613 (Large)


Kami and i decided to go to Mount Vernon, it was a beautiful day, a little too hot to be honest, i noticed the temperature gauge on the car said 91 degrees and that was at 10:30am! Took us bout 30 minutes to get there and we had something to eat as soon as we arrived. After that we made our way to the ticket office and got our tickets for the entrance and tour. Our tickets had 3:45 on, this was the time we could get inline for the tour of the house, it was 2:45 now so we wondered around the grounds a little.

DSCF3615 (Large)  DSCF3616 (Large)   DSCF3617 (Large)

There was a river boat ride however we weren't sure we would make it down to the dock on time before it left so didn't buy a ticket, we actually would have made it but i enjoyed just hanging out by the river and sitting in the sun.


DSCF3620 (Large)  DSCF3621 (Large)

Panorama of the Potomac river

New panorama 1

It was cool to see all the old buildings that had been built to show what it was really like in the days when Washington lived there, was also cool to see that its still an active plantation.

DSCF3628 (Large)  DSCF3629 (Large) DSCF3631 (Large)

We made our way up to the house and arrived about 3:30, looked at all the different out houses and then headed over to get inline for a tour of the house itself. Unfortunately there were no pictures allowed inside.

DSCF3635 (Large)  DSCF3640 (Large)  DSCF3641 (Large)

The tour was very cool and it was amazing to think that Washington actually lived in this house, he sat on the chairs in this house, ate at the tables and so on! The building itself i didn't think was anything special inside but the outside was real nice and it was very clever how as it says above they made the wooden construction look like stone.

DSCF3643 (Large)  DSCF3644 (Large)  DSCF3646 (Large)

Around the front of the house the view was spectacular, they had a line of maybe 30 rocking chairs that you could just sit on and take in the view of the Potomac. We made our way down to the grass lawn in front of the house and sat in the shade for nearly about an hour. The sun was just starting to get cooler, there was no breeze at all and it was idyllic i could have laid there all night and not moved.

DSCF3650 (Large)   DSCF3652 (Large)

By the time we left the house was been closed up and there were only half a dozen people left taking in the view and enjoying the peace and quiet. I really didn't want to go but i had a 5 hour drive ahead of me and it was already approaching 6pm

We headed back “home” and i said my goodbyes to Mark, Beth and Kami. I turned on my tom-tom and headed to my hotel in Long island, 280 miles, 5 hours 14 minutes to go!! I was sad to leave “The Gunzingers” we always have such a good time together and this last few days had been no exception. id see Kim and Kami and Beth again though in a few weeks so have that to look forward to.

I got to the hotel around 1am, the drive up was pretty straight forward apart from when i got to New Jersey i could see a huge storm ahead and watched the lightening from afar for an hour before i actually hit the storm itself


  1. Haha I feel like something has been omitted from this day...

    - Jessica

  2. Amazing that it's still hot there, I was in DC in July and it was brutal! I didn't get the chance to visit Mount Vernon, so thanks for the pics because I did want to see it, just didn't have time.

    Julie :)

  3. Haha - I have no idea what Jessie's talking about XD

  4. I think the movie Shrek comes to mind with Jessie's comment.


  5. Shrek? OMG, he had a green face, right?