Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nassau day 2 continued………

So i headed out to Huntington Bay, got to Huntington, went to take a picture and realised i had left the memory card in my laptop! i drove the 15 mins back to the hotel and picked up the XD card.
There's a huge harbour with yachts and boats in it and it looked kinda similar to when i was in Gravenhurst on the outskirts of Toronto. I drove around the area for a while before finding a nice looking place for lunch and parked up the car.
DSCF3738  DSCF3737 (Large)  DSCF3741 (Large)  
Panorama of the harbour:
panorama 1
Lunch at Toast.
DSCF3769 (Large)  DSCF3768 (Large)  DSCF3766 (Large)
I then drove around the bay area of Huntington and saw some of the most amazing houses I've ever seen in my life.I can see why Roger bought a place up here and why people love it up here in the summer. Its like all these houses are out of a Ralph Lauren catalogue! I've seen Rogers house in the Hamptons several years ago, its nice but its no where near anything like these are.
DSCF3755 (Large)  DSCF3760 (Large)  DSCF3759 (Large)
I drove around for an hour looking at places and just taking roads that i didn't know where they led to and stuff like that. I found a great beach front area right on the bay, saw an amazing house that had a view to die for (see below)
The house                                                  The view
DSCF3744 (Large)  DSCF3749 (Large)

Panorama view of the view from the beach, this is like a 270` view
panorama 2
Lots of places have started putting up their Halloween decorations and even the village signs are decorated so tastefully. I saw the best house ever though that was done up with a mummy in the window and even a Bates Motel sign on the wall! see below:
DSCF3758 (Large)  DSCF3762 (Large)  DSCF3763 (Large)
I dove back to the hotel via the beach where i hung out for a while and am now gonna shower and get ready for another show tonight, Wish you all could be here.


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