Friday, October 29, 2010

St Paul to Cedar Rapids….

So due to the amount of driving I've been doing over the last couple of days I've fallen a bit behind on the blog, this entry is for today, Thursday and will catch up soon on the earlier entries.

So we left St Paul this morning after an amazing show last night, it wasn't the best sounding or the best performance but the energy from the crowd was fantastic, i felt this after the first couple of tracks and knew it was going to be a great show and it was. Just the atmosphere at the venue  and crowd made this the best show for me yet.

We left around 11am for the 5 hour drive down to Cedar Rapids, there is no show tonight, the next one is St Louis on Friday so we have a night off and drove half way today and will continue tomorrow.

There's vey little to see on the drive, just lots of corn fields and wind turbines!

  DSCF5113 (Large)

However imagine our surprise when we see the following sign!!

DSCF5089 (Large)

It was a town called FLOYD!!!! we hadn't planned this and had no idea it was here till we  saw a sign 10 miles before saying “welcome to Floyd County” We HAD to go here, so we turned off to the left to see what the town of Floyd was like. It was a real small sleepy little town with a bank, a general store and a couple of closed up stores and that was it!! We did however have a look round looking for anything with the word Floyd on and took a few pics.

DSCF5088 (Large)  DSCF5091 (Large)  DSCF5094 (Large)  DSCF5095 (Large)

DSCF5098 (Large)  DSCF5105 (Large)  DSCF5102 (Large)  PA292030 (Large)  PA292029 (Large)

Just as we were about the leave the town called Floyd is potted something at the gas station that i HAD to double back and take a picture of, this is the ultimate thing for Jens!!

DSCF5109 (Large)  DSCF5110 (Large)

The above was the welcome bear that greats people to the town of Floyd!!

We got back on the main highway and carried on to the hotel in Cedar Rapids Which is where I'm typing this from. Will try catch up over the next few days bit have another long day of driving tomorrow and one the day after.

Few more pics in the album below:


  1. Nothing beats spontaneous travel fun--particularly when it's in the service of a town called Floyd!

  2. "We can't stop, this is Floyd Country!"
    (Heh, a little HST humour for you there.)
    That is cool though, too bad for you guys they weren't selling Floyd t-shirts!

    Julie :)

  3. HAHAHA Si likes bears too!!!

  4. Love the Bear Pic!! That town gives tripping to Floyd new meaning?

  5. Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad
    You should pick up a hitch-hiker.
    Now there is the makings of a great blog entry!!

    I sneaked a quick look in the mirror...

  6. "Floyd Y - Great steaks... Great Spirits Great Times... Great People". That's some Great advertising!

    moonwall :)

  7. careful with that bear, Si!

    you don't want to get any splinters ;-)