Thursday, December 16, 2010

Anaheim show 1…

This was the penultimate show!! i couldn't believe how quick the last 13 weeks had gone, even though when  think back to staying Gravenhurst that first week in Toronto or going to the Amish part of Ohio it all seems so long ago!

We arrived at the pre show meet up at 6:15 it was great to see Eric and Michael again, Michael had driven down seven hours from northern California to see both the last two shows. i had a few friends that i wanted to meet up with and one of them was my good friend Thomas whom id last met about 5 years ago when i was in San Diego! We had missed each other on the Dark Side tour and i wanted to make sure we met up this time. I called him as we got a table outside on the patio and he was inside just closing his tab and would join us in five minutes.

Thomas and i at the bar

DSCF9455 (Large) DSCF9454 (Large)

Thomas had stayed away from ALL the pictures and videos online and had not seen a single thing about the show!! I was so excited for him and knew he wouldn't not be disappointed one bit, His seats were ideal as well, he was half way back in the arena, three rows up from the floor on the right hand side so was far enough back to take it all in but not too far that he wouldn't see the bands faces and interaction!

I called Dave K and he came out to see us and have his picture taken with Thomas and his friend lol

Thomas and friend                                Dave K and Thomas.

DSCF9458 (Large)    DSCF9456 (Large) 

I saw my friend Donna and went over for a quick chat with her and Snowy before heading back over to our seats which were 12th row centre on the floor. I also spotted an old friend Victor Hopson  at the show and went over to say hi, was good to see him again as it had been ten years since we first met in Houston and i hadn't heard anything from him for at least the last 4 or 5 years!

Victor at the show (photo courtesy of Anti-Christ)


At all the shows there's always one of two fans that you see in the audience that have gone all out  to see the show, even down to what they wear! tonight was no exception and i wish i had taken pictures of all these fans that we had seen at each show!

Hammers shirt                             Wall dress!

DSCF9459 (Large)  DSCF9460 (Large)

The show was great with the exception of one small glitch during The Thin Ice when Rogers mic cut out for about 4 or 5 seconds before coming back on. The crowd however could not make their mind up whether to stand or sit! one minute they were up and the next they were down! i hate it when its like this and again as I've said before i just don't get how this happens!

One thing that Kami and i both immediately noticed was how they had built up more bricks on the wall where the plane crashes into and how they had made the metal wire which the plane comes down a lot steeper! this was evident when the plane came down and totally destroyed a few of the bricks as it crashed through the wall!


*** One thing i meant to say re the Tacoma show which i wrote about in an earlier post was that the wall there was actually eight bricks longer, NOT just 4, i had miscounted as the usual wall length is 40 bricks and Tacoma was 48! thus giving the wall about a 25% increase in size in the total bricks used and surface area!**

I didn't take many pictures during tonight's show however i managed to get a few good ones during the random images on the wall.

DSCF9483 (Large) DSCF9480 (Large) DSCF9482

Its hard to remember much more about the show to be honest apart from i enjoyed it immensely and it was a great performance apart from the one glitch at the beginning. All the shows have started to blend in to one and especially the venues, i totally forget some nights where i actually am until roger say “Hello ……………” and inserts whichever city name were in! Its hard to imagine this but it really is a strange feeling!

We headed back to the bar after the show and had a couple of drinks with everyone else before heading out to the hotel in Huntington Beach. We discussed about going to Disney the next day and said if we were gonna go we had to be up early and out of the door at 8am, we’ll see what happens and if we get there!

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