Thursday, December 16, 2010

Long Beach day 2……

We were umming and ahhing about whether to go to Disneyland or not, it wasn't cheap but it was a real nice day and we both wanted to go, however they opened the doors at 8am and it was now 10am so we decided against it for today.

We headed out to a shopping mall a few miles away from the hotel, went in Target and bought a couple of things and Kami wanted Dairy Queen for Breakfast, we were running a little late as we had decided to go to the movies and it started in 10 minutes and they had only just opened and not everything was hot yet! we left for the movies and Kami arranged with the server to come back after for her food,lol We had passed an In and Out burger place on the way to the mall and i had decided to wait till later in the day and get a burger here.

We went  to see the third instalment of The Narnia chronicles. I enjoyed it, it wasn't my normal choice of film to see however i enjoyed it and wasn't disappointed at all, id like to see the first two now for sure.

We went back to the Dairy Queen, Kami picked up her  deep fried chicken and gravy and we drove the couple of miles to In and Out and i ordered the double cheeseburger with the loaded fries. It was delicious, I'm so glad they DONT have these in the UK!!

The original plan was to have lunch, get back to the hotel, drop the car off and then walk to the end of the pier for yet another milkshake at the diner we had been frequenting. However kami was real tired when we got back and took a sleep for a couple of hours. We had however called in a chocolate factory shop on the way out of the movies and bought lots of yummy chocolate things so i took my laptop and chocolate down onto the street and sat in the sun surfing and eating yet again!

We got ready for the show around 4:30 and headed out to the bar to meet everyone pre show, we were aiming to be there for 5:30 however the LA traffic was pretty bad due to some accident on the other side of the highway and everyone slowing down to look at it! we arrived around 6:15 and met up with everyone in the bar.


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