Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Cedar Rapids to St Louis….

We arrived at the Best Western hotel in Cedar Rapids later afternoon, went in the pool for half and hour and in the hot tub, it was nice just to relax and chill out after sitting down for the last few hours and especially after all the driving over the last few days. Neither Kami nor i were real hungry but when Kami mentioned she could eat some cake i thought i could eat some ice cream so we asked the receptionist at the hotel if there was anywhere we could go around to eat. She pointed us in the direction of a street about 3 miles away and said there's everything you could want! By the time we got there it was going on half past nine and most places close around 10pm out here in the Midwest so as a last resort we headed over to the god old ihop:)

I wasn't really hungry so went for the deep friend strawberry cheesecake with strawberries, ice cream, cream and other gooey stuff!  While sitting us at the table the waitress commented that they had their all you can eat pancake challenge on and that the record was nineteen so far so we would need to eat 20 to beat that!

10pm dinner!!                                             Quaker Oats factory

68831_484443037593_535467593_6972772_8046143_n  73095_484455877593_535467593_6973058_936486_n

We drove back to the hotel, and i spotted the sign on the factory across the street, it was the Quaker oats factory, surely i would be able to get some oatmeal at the hotel in the morning for breakfast

Woke the next morning and we had a 4/5 hour drive ahead of us to get to St Louis, the scenery out here in the mid west consists of one thing, fields of grain and nothingness! The drive down to St Louis was pretty uneventful, we listened to the radio, Kami’s Ipod (well until she broke it!) and stopped once on the way down for a snack from memory but i honestly cant remember now, That's why i hate getting a few days behind with the blog because if i don't do it right away then i forget a long of the things that's happened. Gonna make sure i keep up with it every day now as best i can which is easier said that done!

Couple of things we saw on the drive down

Seriously ?

DSCF5120 (Large)  DSCF5121 (Large)

First view of the St Louis arch

DSCF5123 (Large)  DSCF5126 (Large)  DSCF5128 (Large)

We got into St Louis around 2pm, my friend Chris Manger and his dad and two friends were driving down from Indiana and were due to arrive around 3 o clock. It was the St Louis show tonight and we were all gonna get dinner before the show. We ate at the Hotel bistro and ad a great laugh chatting about Tattoos and Chris’s obsession with the people of Wal-Mart website!

Around 7pm e walked over to the venue that was literally across the street from the hotel where we were staying.


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