Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Goodbye Kansas City…

So its Monday the 1st November at 1:30pm central time and I'm sat on a flight from Kansas City To Baltimore, I'm then on another flight to Le Guardia however i had a text message on my phone before i left Kansas to say the connecting flight had been delayed 4 hours so I'm not expecting to get into New York now until around 10pm tonight as opposed to my scheduled time of 7pm! Kami also flew out of KC 5 minutes before me to Baltimore, she is expected in around 7pm so who knows maybe I'll see here there!

Woke around 9am this morning, had a shower, packed my case and collected the car from the front of the hotel.he ride to the airport was about 25 minutes according to the GPS and our flights left around 1:30 so there wasn't any rush at all. half way to the airport i noticed the gas gauge was well below zero and instead of saying  on the dash you have XX amount of miles left before your fuel runs out it actually said “low fuel” so I'd no idea how much gas we had left or how many miles we would last! i had to take the rental car back with a full tank so i hit the GPS’s fuel stops button and the nearest gas station was three miles away. Kami was sat on the edge of her seat panicking if we’d make it! it didn't help when i messed about with the gas peddle  as i was driving making it seem that we HAD run out of gas, she calmed down when we saw another gas station  1/4 mile down the street though:)

Filled up with gas, dove out to the airport and dropped off the rental car. I was flying out of Terminal B and Kami was going out of Terminal C, we called at my terminal, i waited inline for 20 minutes, checked my back and then got the red shuttle bus over to Terminal C, the line at Continentals desk wasn't long at all which was good as we didn't have a lot of time before both our flights left. It was now 12:30 and both our flights left at 1:30pm. It wasn't till Kami tried to check in that we realised her flight was operated by United under a Continentals code share. What did this mean ? well it meant we now had to get the red bus and travel over to Terminal A to check in for Kami’s flight. So in the space of 30 minutes we’d seen the sights of all three terminals of Kansas City Airport and  also worked out the red bus drive must visit each terminal once every 12 minutes, approx 4 times an hour and probably does that route 36 times a day 5 or 6 days a week! the things you do while your bored on an airport courtesy bus!

DSCF5361 (Large)

So Kami got to Terminal A, we said our goodbyes and i just got on the red bus to go back to terminal B when i received a text on my phone to say my flight connection from Baltimore was delayed from 5pm until 8pm!! ugghh

I went through security and headed down to my Southwest flight for the two and a half hour trip to Baltimore.

Kami lives in Woodbridge, VA and the flights were twice the price for her to fly direct into Washington DC so she took a flight into Baltimore too where her mom would pick her up, however she wasn't able to get on the Southwest flight that i was on so was flying United via Chicago and would arrive in Baltimore at 7pm. Had my connection onto New York being on time we would have missed each other but as my flight was delayed till 7:45 there was a chance i could see her and get to see Beth again one last time. Kami landed at 6:50 and we met up as she came through the gate, headed down to the baggage claim and her mom was sooooo surprised to see me. Her face was nearly as shocked as mine when she got me up in Omaha. We had a 5 minutes chat, i said my goodbyes and then ran from Terminal C to terminal A where i was departing from, security was good and there was no lines and i went straight through. As i got to the gate for my flight i could see the seats were empty and the guy who collected my boarding pass said i just made it! as i went down the ramp towards the plane he closed the door and followed me down!! I've never been that close on missing a flight before!! It had boarded early and was due to leave right away.

Beth and I in Baltimore

DSCF5362 (Large)

So its now  about 7:30pm I'm sat on the flight to New York where I'm staying with my friend Brad & Julee again for the next five nights, looking forward to chilling out tomorrow and maybe meeting up with my friend Ellie for lunch and then just relaxing for a day and maybe doing some shopping in New York.


  1. Hey Si, This is Fish Paste from AFG, I follow your blog and attended the KC show. Are you gonna do a review on it? :-)

  2. That's quite an adventure, reminds me of some near-misses I've had catching flights. And that is such a guy thing to do with the running out of gas, you cheeky devil! :op Glad you're safely on your way!

    Julie :)

  3. Oh - you make me sound much worse than I was :3 You also forgot the part where you tried to surprise me, too, but you're a terrible liar.