Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Omaha show…


Beth and Kami were sat half way back on the left side of the venue tonight, 3rd row raised off the floor. Sue and Mike were in the same section but nearer the stage and on the first row. I was floor 13th row dead centre on the aisle, my favourite place. Kami and i had a chat to Dave K  and i introduced a couple of my friends Mark and Rusty to him before going back to our seats. Before the show when we had dinner with Sue and Mike i gave them a rough outline of the wall, told them about Rogers angst, how he had built a wall around himself since the Montreal spitting incident and just a few pointers to watch out for and what the whole concept was about. I think this helped a lot when they came to watch the show!

My friends Mark and Rusty pre show          Mark and Rusty with Dave K

DSCF4984 (Large) DSCF4986 (Large) 

The first thing that was evident tonight was that the sound was going to be amazing! this was before a single note had been played! Usually when the pre show warm up music and talking comes through the speakers about 15 minutes before the start of the shows its actually quite hard to hear it over the noise of the crowd. Tonight was different though, you could hear every single word!! the clarity was crystal clear, i think this was due to a few things,  mainly the venue but also the quietness of the crowd when they started to hear the speaking, they were very respectful and actually listened to what was being said!

Kami and Brent the “homeless guy”

DSCF4987 (Large)

Sure enough when the band started the sound quality was amazing, definitely one of the best sounding venues id been to! The crowd were a bit hit and miss with standing and then seated and then standing again they couldn't make their mind up what they wanted to do! All the nuances were present tonight, the machine gun, Roger holding the mic out for the crowd to sing “thirteen channels of shit” etc etc

Tonight's plane crash

Omaha plane crash


I was also able to watch out for the shadow figure coming out and spray painting “ we don't need no education” on the wall as i knew this was coming now after seeing it for the first night at the Detroit show a couple of nights previous.

DSCF4995 (Large)  DSCF4996 (Large)  DSCF4999 (Large)

I took a few random pictures during the part where all different images flash on the screen for a split second and here's what i came out with! not too bad tonight.

DSCF5009 (Large)  DSCF5014 (Large)  DSCF5023 (Large)  DSCF5024 (Large)

There were several seats spare  on the floor tonight and specifically three or four next to me. At intermission i went up and brought Beth and kami down to the floor and we all sat together for the second half. I really enjoy seeing the show with friends, especially ones who are as passionate about the music as myself and both Beth and Kami are exactly that!

After the show we met up with Sue and Mike whom had loved the show and we made our way back to the restaurant we had had dinner at a couple of hours before. On the way “we” had to experience the slide that was in the park in downtown Omaha, this was a huge long stainless steel slide that you take a plastic bag and sit on it and go down the slide. I offered to take pictures and video of Kami first before going down it myself, however after seeing and hearing Kami grunt and scream i decided my back wouldn't be up to it and was happy just to have the thought in my head of going down it,lol

Kami on the slide

Mike, Sue, Kami and Beth, post show glow            The slide!!

DSCF5027 (Large)  DSCF5029 (Large)

We had a couple of drinks at the restaurant, talked about the show and all watched in horror as Kami ordered a shot of Tequila and got what was the biggest glass of Tequila I've ever seen, well until i wrote about he St Louis show! After a couple of drinks we headed back to the house in the minivan.

More Omaha pictures:


  1. Good God, that night was pretty awesome, wasn't it? The tequila still hasn't hit me...

  2. I went to a quiet show like that once, it was one of the strangest, yet most amazing, things I've ever experienced.

    Julie :)