Tuesday, November 02, 2010

St Paul show…..


So after driving  for 6 hours from Omaha we hit St Paul with only a couple of hours to spare before show time we checked in at the Super 8 (glad it was only one night there! ) wish i had taken a picture of the “inevitable pin hole burns” on the bed sheets! Headed out to the show which was a three mile drive back into the city, parked the car and walked over to the venue. It was a strange place, with corridors going from the parking lot to the venue but not many signs to actually show you which way to go or where the venue was! We arrived around ten minutes to seven and i was fortunate i didn't have to line up very long outside with the plebeians, unlike certain people!

Arriving in St Paul                                      Kami being a plebeian

 DSCF5035 (Large)  DSCF5036 (Large)

The venue was another typical arena inside, kami went to have a chat with Dave K while i had a look round the venue and toll a few pictures of the place.

DSCF5044 (Large)   DSCF5043 (Large)   DSCF5038 (Large)

We were sat 13th row dead centre tonight and the quad sound was really noticeable in this venue and from this position, its strange how you can sit in  more or less the exact same seat night  after night but the quad can sound so different!! There were a few glitches tonight but nothing major, most of the show went without any hitch at all.

Tonight's plane crash was definitely the best so far on the tour with what looked like a double shot of flames as it crashed and a few of the bricks getting stuck on the plane as it went through the wall.

The kids that come on during “Another Brick” just get funnier and funnier in their action onstage. tonight's kids were all Asian, they were great!  about 4 of them broke out form the others during the track and did their own dance routine, they have really stepped the dancing part up  now and at each show the ids look like they are having the time of their life dancing around onstage and enjoying themselves. Roger comments after the track each night now that this part of the show is his favourite one!

DSCF5053 (Large)  DSCF5054 (Large)

For the first time i actually sat and read a lot of the fallen hero pictures and comments that appear on the wall during intermission, i have 4 friends all of whom have a fallen hero on the wall and tonight i wanted to catch the picture of my friend Greg's relative whom he had sent in on Rogers website. Took me a while to spot it but it eventually came up.

DSCF5065 (Large) 

Again Roger is getting more and more into the fascist character onstage, not only with his machine gun but also what he’s saying and his actions. After “gunning down” most of the crowd tonight with his machine gun he pointed out to the crowd and said “ did i get anyone?”

Run like Hell just gets better and better, its really a huge highlight of the show and certainly gets everyone off their seats even if they have been seated for most of the show! one thing I've meant to mention is to watch the pig as they return to the back of the stage as Run Like Hell finishes, Sometimes they have problems getting it over the wall and this looks to be due to the air flow that around the top of the venue and that must change every night depending on the venue.Some nights just when it looks like the pig has gone back over the wall it comes flying back out due to hitting some flowing air, they then try turn it around and reverse it in but this doesn't always work and takes  a while to work out the best way to get it back! nothing special but just something i noticed and picked up on.

After the wall fell we made our way to the front of the stage to watch Outside the Wall being played close up. Tonight was funny though as when the band came out Roger tried to be clever on the trumpet and play a little different, it didn't work though and Snowy and Dave K just looked at each other in horror as Roger was trying real hard, they just burst out laughing as a few bum notes came though, Roger couldn't help but laugh as well when he lowered the trumpet from his mouth.

DSCF5081 (Large)  DSCF5082 (Large)  DSCF5083 (Large)

After the show we headed back to the car and drove back to the hotel, it was freezing cold outside the coldest place I've been so far on the tour, i was again  just glad we were only here for one night!

Neither of us had eaten much today but i wasn't too hungry. We went through the Taco Bell drive though just down the road from the hotel and i ordered some food and a water for Kami. I asked if they did water in my thick north Yorkshire accent but the guy just didn't understand what i was saying, after twice asking if they did “wartur” i then used my American accent and said “ Do you do Waaaater”  “ahhhh Waaater was his reply” he knew exactly what i was talking about now!

St Paul pictures:

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  1. Awww I love those pics of Jon and Snowy! <3

    LOL I'll have to have you do your American and I'll do my Brit (which is fairly awful, heh).

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