Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day two in Kansas City..

It was a nice feeling today that i didn't have to get up to travel anywhere, hadn't got to be anywhere at a certain time of day and didn't have to meet up with anyone at any set time!

I love the pre show meet up and meeting up with friends but today Kami and  had a full day in Kansas City plus the night here and then fly out tomorrow. I just wanted to chill out today and do as little as possible. One thing i did want to do was go out for dinner tonight and sit down in a real nice restaurant, not be in any rush at all and just relax.

On the way to the venue for last nights show we saw a Chipotle Mexican place, as we didn't get to eat there last night we both agreed we’d go and have lunch there today.  I like this place and it turns out not only does Kami like it as well but half of the USA likes this chain of food according to the comments i got on my Facebook page after my status saying i was eating at Chipotle.  It was around 1:30 when we finally got there, I had one of the best workouts I've had so far this  morning at the hotel and was feeling great after having a shower and relaxing a little before heading out.

I had the burrito and Kami had the Tacos, it may not be the healthiest food around but man does that stuff taste good!

Chipotle Tacos                                          Chipotle Burrito!

74448_485758922593_535467593_7001195_833381_n  149240_485761057593_535467593_7001247_2367292_n

After eating what seamed like a two pound burrito we walked around the are where we had been for last nights Halloween party after the show. It wasn't busy at all as its more a night time place with bars and restaurants

The outdoor plaza in Kansas City

DSCF5344 (Large)  DSCF5345 (Large)  DSCF5346 (Large)

Neither of us could believe how quiet it was out on the streets, ok it was Sunday afternoon but there wasn't a soul around and very little traffic on the roads.

The venue for last nights show.                    Downtown Kansas City

DSCF5347 (Large)  DSCF5348 (Large) 

We both needed a couple of things from a store and were unable to find a Walgreens or seven eleven or anything so made our way back to the hotel with the intention of getting the car and driving around to find a store. We asked at the hotel lobby and were told there was a market store a couple of block down from the hotel. We walked back towards where we’d just come from and bought a couple of things and then headed back to the hotel. I fell asleep in my room on the bed and remember waking up and looking at the clock on the cabinet beside me, 4:30 it said in big red numbers, i looked around in the room, i had no idea where i was or whether it was 4:30am or 4:30pm! seriously, it was light outside but the room was kinda dark and i was totally disorientated for what must have only been ten seconds but seamed like thirty! it took me a while to remember where i was and what i was doing here!

When we walked down to the venue last night i spotted  a few nice restaurants with outdoor seating, it was real warm out last night but tonight it was a bit too cold to sit outside. We headed out to eat around 7pm and headed back down to the open air plaza expecting to see a few people dressed up in costumes as Halloween was actually tonight but i think most people celebrated it last night due to it being a Saturday. We saw little red riding hood and the wolf and a couple of people dressed up but the whole plaza was real quiet and it didn't look like anything would be going on tonight!
We walked past a couple of restaurants and read the menus and then carried on. We saw a real nice seafood grill place that looked exactly like the type of place i was looking for to eat. The food was  fantastic and it was even better when the waiter said that all their bottles of wine under $100 were half price tonight (i bet its the same very night! ) they didn't have the Ruffino gold that i like but they did have the regular Ruffino and at $18 for the bottle it was far cheaper than ordering a couple of glasses of house red!

For a starter we had goats cheese bruchetta, then i had the mesquite grilled Grouper on a bed of roasted bacon, corn and peppers with a light butter sauce. Kami had  the Ono with mashed Potatoes and Asparagus. Both meals were fantastic and i could have eaten there every night of the week! The desserts looked ok on the menu but the waiter told us they had a special that was 3 small espresso cups with plain, chocolate and orange Crème Brule in them, i LOVE Crème Brule and didn't even hesitate to order this. Kami did the same however she was wanting something with raspberries really and asked if it was possible to get any raspberries, the waited said he would see what he could do!  He came back to the table 5 minutes later with  3 small cups on a plate and 11 raspberries on the plate for Kami. Mine just came as regular with any raspberries but Kami did allow me to steal one of hers but only one.

Goat cheese Bruchetta                   Raspberry Crème Brule                      My plain Crème Brule

75131_486018352593_535467593_7009180_4367820_n   DSCF5350 (Large)   DSCF5354 (Large)

After dinner we went to see if there were any more people at the outdoor plaza but it was obviously just going to be a normal Sunday night around town and nothing special even though it was officially Halloween tonight.

We headed back to the hotel, got a pretty early night considering the times I've been going to bed the past few weeks and felt good from doing so the next day.


  1. Well, at least I got a little work done on my thesis yesterday and today :/
    It was definitely quieter compared to all the gigging, but that raspberry crème brule really was fantastic, and I'm regretting sharing any of it with you XD

  2. You mean I can just take you to Chipotle?! LOL! But I love creme brulee too, I've got to find us a good place!

    Julie :)

  3. try the giant burrito without the giant tortilla. More of a taco salad, I guess, but just as good- blacklander